Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life In a Song

"What the Hell" -Avril Lavigne
This explains how for most my life I have been who everyone expected me to be, never breaking any rules, doing what was expected of me, and being the "scholar athlete" I was labeled as. But now it's time for me to grow up and move on to the person I want to become, and if that means breaking a few rules to figure it out, that is what I'm going to do.

"I Look so Good without You" -Jessie James
I went through a rough break up and sang this song every morning while getting ready for the day and it helped me remember to stay strong, never take back (excuse my language) dumbass, flousy men who want their "freedom" to sleep around and then come back around expecting you to be there. (little more personal than I expected but I guess I must still be worked up about it(: haha)

"Peacock" -Katy Perry & "Wannabe" -Spice Girls
hahah There is absolutely no way I could not have these on the songs of my life. My six best friends since elementary school and I have choreographed dances to theses songs and performed them numerous times. There is just so many memories when I hear them.

"God game me You" -Blake Shelton
This song refers to all those people in my life who have been there for me through everything. I'm not really an emotional person, I never cry, and for those who are the few who have seen me through those rare days, I appreciate them more then they'll ever realize. My family, who has accepted me through my never-ending tom-boy stage from 2nd grade through high school(: haha , and accepting and loving me through my crazy personality even when I embarress the crap out of them by doing cartwheels in the isles when we're grocery shopping at Walmart.
 For my father, who is my mentor for numerous hobbies and life lessons. My mother, who has shown me how to act like a girl even when I swear I wanted to be a boy;p hahaaa My brothers, who are probably the reason I thought I could keep up with the boys, but for keeping me tough and I must thank them for being less intelligent then me, because it really makes me look like a genius in mom and dad's eyes!

"Orignial Symphony" (song with no lyrics)
I chose a song with no lyrics because my life cannot be summed up into one song. The things I've experienced, felt, seen, and endured are much more than any song could ever protray. The amount of experiences that still lie infront of me are endless and ones I've been through, indiscribable.

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