Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chapter 8 & 9

In Jon Ronson's chapter nine "Aiming a Bit High" he delves further into the Bob Hare Checklist by meeting with Bob and Paul Britton, an advid user of the checklist. During his meeting with Bob, Bob addressed his concerns with the checklists power and it becoming lost in the wrong hands. Ronson decided to seek out the man behind the most unfortunate psychopath hunt in recent histroy which brought him to Paul Britton. Britton had used the list to help identify and explain sexual preditors. He was famous for his work as he was very accurate, often times describing the life and looks of a preditor. But when Rachel Nickell's case came along, and he described the criminal, he was blamed for the locking up of the wrong man, even though his description fit the actualy murderer in just a looser manner. His reputation was ruined.
I especially liked chapter eight " The Madness of David Shayler". I felt it was told just like a story and I found this particular story to be very intriquing. It had depth and it had confussion. I became extremely confused and concerned when learning about the government cover up theories. I had heard of them before but never put any validity to them until now. The fact that the government could pull of acts such as described in this chapter is befuddling and somewhat scary. Also, the fact that M15, a former spy for the United States, came out and shared these things is also reason to freight. He may be crazy and make it up, but he may not be so it is hard to tell what to believe. Chapter nine was less intriquing but helpful in the progression and understanding of Bob Hare's Checklist.

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