Monday, October 17, 2011

Ronson Chapters 6 & 7

In Chapter 6, Ronson draws attention onto Al Dunlap. By using the specific example of Shubuta, Mississippi and how the shut down of Sunbeam factory had ruined the town, he showed just how influencial one individual can be. Dunlap was responsible for this, among many other shut down of companies. Ronson met with Dunlap to assess his personality characteristics and see how he compaired to Bob Hare's Checklist. He found that Al had a firm belief in preditor versus prey and gave excuse for his actions by claiming they were all assests of profound leadership. His heightened sense of self and lack of empathy made Ronson believe he could possible be one of many "psychopathic CEO's" affecting the world.
Chapter 6 and the discussion of Al Dunlap was very interesting. I thought the fact that Al had not wanted to meet with Stewart but met with Ronson purely on his interest in why he differed from most individuals was a caution about his personality. It gave evidence of his profound sense of self worth but also his curiousity in the understanding that individuals vary greatly. In chapter 7, Ronson had a conversation with Adam, another journalist. Adam's words towards Ronson's beliefs and works for the passed years really stigmatized Ronson. He came up with reasons to persuade himself of Adam's faulty judgements. This shows Ronson's insecurity because he addmitted that Adam had valid points but was unwilling to shift his judgement on psychopaths and the work he had been conducting and how it related to him and his characteristics.

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