Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Research Topics

Alzheimer's Disease; Is it Genetic?
My interest in Alzheimer's Disease stems from my grandfathers diagnosis back in 2001. I have seen the progressiveness of the degenerative disease and how it effects those dealing with the slow loss of a family member. I have since been very interested in the process that Alzheimers takes and how it is generated. Recent studies have shown that genetic factors may be to blame in addition to possible links in nutrition. This topic is close to me and I would enjoy researching it in more detail.
I would search for information via the internet and look for case studies along with detailed information known about the disease. I may run into a road block while trying to find ten pages worth of information because the disease is still relatively new and not a substancial amount of evidence is known about it.
Is Fast Food making us Lazy and Fat?
The fast food industry is one that is taken off the recent years, partly because of its accessability and lack of effort on the consumers part. I would look at questions such as: Is fast food to blame for obesity? Does America have the right to blame fast food? or themselves? What effects does fast food have on our bodies? This topic is rather general and I feel I wouldn't have a difficult time finding enough information to address this topic. I also find it interesting to see the effects it has on our society seeing that sixty percent of all American's end up overweight. I would search for studies via the internet and hopefully find opinions along with factual studies.The answer would be some what indirect so my answer may involve opinion and fact. This can be problematic because those reading my paper may not have the same view points as I do.

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